Quality windows for your home

Want to make your home more secure, more attractive and bring bills down all at once? With our range of uPVC windows, you can do exactly that. We’re FENSA registered, which means that our windows and our fitters are both of the very best standard. Now, we understand that new windows sometimes look a bit glaring in a property. This why all of our windows are available in a range of styles, colours and finishes.

Sash windows

A lot of older sash windows suffering from weather damage and rotting. By replacing them with much stronger uPVC sash windows, we can make your home stronger and more secure. A-rated for energy efficiency, these windows will save you money on energy bills.

Reversible windows

Particularly appropriate for commercial enterprises, reversible windows open out vertically to 180 degrees, which means that the window turns completely in on itself. This improves ventilation and means that the window can be cleaned without the need for exterior cleaning equipment.

Tilt & Turn windows

Perfect for ventilating building whilst maintaining a high level of safety, tilt and turn windows are really useful additions to any property where security is of utmost importance.

Vertical Slider Windows

Georgian in style, vertical slider windows are robust and strong. These windows reduce draughts with a triple seal and reinforced steel for windows which are beautiful and long lasting.

Casement windows

One of the most popular types of window, casement combine advanced security measures, practicality, energy efficiency and aesthetic appearance.