Improving your home with new doors

Doors are an interesting part of your home: they have to make a good impression, be secure and be robust. That’s quite a lot to ask for! With many years of experience, we supply uPVC doors which answer all of these criteria. We have lots of different doors to choose from.

French doors

If you want a home which is lighter and airy, French doors might be the best way to go about it. Opening straight onto your back garden, these doors provide more light and bring your garden into the home during the summer months. They’re also noted for their elegance.

Patio & bifold doors

Similar to French doors but sliding rather than opening, patio doors are an excellent way to brighten up your home whilst saving space. Bifold doors are similar, opening through folding hinges rather than sliding. These doors are weather tight and keep the heat in when closed but allow the maximum amount of light to filter in.

Front & back doors

The first impression of your home and an important security feature, our front and back doors are made from strong, long lasting uPVC. To make sure that they fit in with your home, all front and back doors are available in various styles, colours and glazings.

Composite doors

Among the most resilient doors available on the market, composite doors are made from a variety of materials in order to create the toughest finished product. Weather resistant, thermally efficient and well insulated, composite doors can be made to any style and appearance.

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